Warforged swordmage


BLADE was activated 381974942 seconds (around 12 years) ago by Minos to be his bodyguard. He was originally designed to be an arcane bodyguard (swordmage). In the time since his creation, he has constantly been trying to upgrade himself. He will oftentimes modify himself with warforged components he finds in the market. He was constantly bothering Minos with upgrade requests. Minos found these constant requests annoying, so instead allowed BLADE to learn the ways of the artificer. After this, as a joke, Minos then changed BLADE’s name to SM/ART (SwordMage/ARTificer).

SM/ART has met various Artificers, but finds most of them objectionable. This is due to the fact that he finds creating short term sentient life whose sole purpose is to fight and die immoral. He will often get into philosophical debates with anyone who will listen about this. He will use summon spells, but never to fight. He also always recovers his machines and reuses them, unlike most artificers, who create new machines every time.

SM/ART is also a robot supremist. He respects certain flesh and bone creatures, such as Minos and Abaddon, but considers most of them to be inferior “fleshbags”. One exception to this is the Three-Kreen (sp?), a race of intelligent bugs. Since they both have hard exoskeletons and dont require sleep, he is convinced they are also robots. Being a robot, he doesn’t require food, air, or sleep. He likes to share this fact with fellow adventurers.

As you might imagine, SM/ART is unaligned (neutral). He doesn’t have interest in good and evil. On the other hand, he is quite religions. This is because he, like most warforged, struggles with the meaning of existence and he hopes he can find it in one of the gods.


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