Treehuggr was born in a forest. We (he) is also mostly plant. To the great surprise/disappointment of those who meet them (him), Treehuggr, along with all Wilden creatures, are a communal group who often (1) refuse to acknowledge individual pronouns (I/he/she), (2) kill anyone who chops down trees, and (3) don’t understand why everyone accuses them of being “communist”.

He is a Battlemind Defender, which implies significant psionic powers. Like all Wilden, he is able to manipulate his aspect (shape?) to suit his situation. He prefers to fight root-to-toe, like a tree standing against a large logging conglomerate’s bulldozer.

While most Wilden remain in their forest of origin, Treehuggr was intensely drawn to the outside world. He left his home without permission, and is not sure if he may return. He has not yet decided whether or not he hates machines and technology. He thinks that he probably will not like them. He is indifferent to the various gods, but will work with any who respect nature. He feels a need to force his beliefs onto the outside world, which contrasts so starkly with the ordered diversity of his forest. He is lawful good.

Any associations that he might have with outsiders would be purely coincidental, although he is slightly curious as to why the few supposedly formidable wizard-looking creatures who he has felled in battle seemed so weak.


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